Beautiful Valentine's Art

I guess I should have checked Friday's mail before today!

Then I would have known before this afternoon (Sunday) that I had received my postcard from the Valentine's BPW that I mentioned a few blogs entries back, here.

Only I didn't get a postcard.

Instead I received a beautifully hand drawn card all the way from France, sent to me by Plume of Multiple. In it, Plume tells me that she is an artist, both in music and in drawing, and that she had drawn this picture just for me!

Plume's blog, however, is pretty well entirely in French, and my French reading skills are even worse than my speaking! I guess this is an extra incentive to practice them.

(I think I need to go find a frame for my postcard now, so that when Plume is a famous artist with published books or her work, I will have mine, nice and safe.)

Thanks to both Meeta and Plume!


Plume said...

Hi Quellia!

I hope you are not too disapointed because I didn't send you a real postcard.
I realised that it was suposed to be a real poscard only after sending it.
I could have made a handmade poscard but I was a bit squeamish about sending an original drawing without an envelope anyway...
If you want, I can send you a real poscard too!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

That's a really cool card. Wish I could draw.

Jenny said...

Plume, my "postcard" is just lovely and I am not at all disappointed in it! Not that I'd object to another piece of your art being delivered. :-)
PS My kids really liked it as well, so you got 3 cheers from this house!

Brilynn said...

I love mail, that card is great!

Lis said...

Awww that's a great card! I love the drawing =)