Asian Shrimp Noodle Salad

Cooking is something I not only enjoy doing, I also enjoy reading about and watchingt. So it is not unusual to find me cozied up on my couch with Food Network on, while I am reading a cookbook or magazine. I pay attention to the show as a background noise, and stop reading when a recipe or dish sounds like something I would like.

I admit, I also turn it on when cooking dinner even though I won't be able to see it. I like to listen to other meals being cooked while I'm cooking. That is how I "watch" most episodes of 30 Minute Meals.

Licence to Grill is tapped here in Ottawa, though I have no idea where. When I watch this program I am usually envious of his food budget, especially having been to the butcher that supplies all his meat. So while he cooks alot of stuff I would like to eat, he doesn't often cook things that fall within my budget.

I happened to have it on and overheard him making a salad that interested me. Alot.

I love Asian foods, and lately have been wanting things that are lighter and fresh. Until just now, I hadn't bothered to look up the recipe to see what exactly had gone into the salad. Instead I faked it.

Vegetable wise I went with carrots (trying to julienne baby carrots is not fun), snow peas, red peppers and red onions. A bit of basil, a bit of cilantro for flavor. Then the dressing. Juice of a lemon, a lime and an orange with a touch each of sugar and salt and a splash of rice wine vinegar. It was good but needed a kick. Garlic chilli sauce was exactly what it needed. Mmmmmm.

Wanting to turn it into a meal instead of a side salad, I added some grilled shrimp to the mix. The shrimp picked up the flavors of the dressing with ease and was complimented by the brightness of the citrus.

Now I think I'll go look up the pork belly recipe that was served with the salad. Because this salad was a keeper in my recipe repetoire.

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