What to do if no one likes radishes

Well we suspected, but have confirmed, that no one in my house likes radishes. My dad loves them, so if I get some in my share before we go visit him, I will bring them to him to enjoy.

In the meantime, I tried cooking them. I had heard that roasted radishes were a completely different taste from raw, which are too strong and peppery for all of us. For this batch, I quartered my radishes, and threw them into some foil with a bit of butter, some pieces of spring onions and a few garlic scapes, added in some salt and pepper, and let them slow roast on the bbq.

Not bad. Soft, much, much, much mellower than a raw radish in terms of bite and pepper. Still not our favorite vegetable, but if I cook them, then we stand a chance of eating the radishes we get in our CSA.

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